Sunshine Flower
Sunshine flower.
It was so happy with the big mouth
and wide.
And cheerful with a big smile.
And a lovely face
and a big face
like an owl with big eyes
and a big cheek
and a big nose.

Weeping Willow
The weeping willow
always cry in soft voice
and you can hear it
at night and day time.
And soft voice.
You couldn't hear the voice
but you couldn't hear
what she has to say.

The weeping willow
is in the forest
and they need a lot of water,
because of the lot of
weeping willows.

Deep, deep blue water.
And the skies are really blue,
deep, deep blue
and the clouds are passing by
so quickly, one by one.

The sun is really bright and gay.
You could see in the sky.
There are the birds
flying over the sky.
So many birds
one by one.
Some birds stay on the
weeping willows.
The weeping willows has a faint sound,
but one couldn't hear what she
has to say.

Snow Poem
The snow is falling very fast,
Falling fast and white
The ground is covered now at last.
Drifting deeper through the night.

The Flowers
The Flowers
has so many things.
Goes around it.
With his happy face.
And cheery blossom all over his face.
With cheery smile
and so many mustache.
It goes siggidi-sagg.
It's spread all over his face,
on his face so many.
It's like hair below is eyes
with his cookoo-eyes,
down below the flowers
green, green, green grass.
The flowers always coming from the ground
with green grass.
With dirt and soil
and plenty of water
and sunshine make them grow so
many ways.
When it comes up,
it's so beautiful big and wide
all over the grass
and full of seed inside the flower.
That's how it looks like when it come out.

The waterfall keeps falling down.
There is so much water,
its like the wave coming up.
Someone is in the water,
she likes it so much.
She likes to stay in it.
She washes her hair and she is taking a shower.
She is matured.
There are the bubbles coming out of the shower.
It's like a steam bath.

The Cartwheel
It goes all over the place.
With their cut wood is like a trunk.
But it is so heavy with those cart-wheels.
Altogether at once - both together.
It's like shape of old fashioned cars,
pieces by pieces.
When the wheels are turning
it goes faster and faster.
Then the faster it goes
is like a six-million-dollar-man.
It's like a machines and computers.
Inside of him, part of it,
and the big wood is so thick and heavy
but you could hold it,
it is big and wide and heavy,
is so strong.
Same thing with the wheels,
It blends.
It goes siggidi-sagg all over the places.
Butterflies are Free
The Butterflies are free.
The name of the movie.
The butterflies are so beautiful and the bright colors.
And the wing it spreads out.
It makes so big and wide.
It's got different spots inside the butterflies.
When it falls, half way it cuddles up.
And fly away.
It's so neat butterflies.
He is so skinny.
He eats what he likes to eat.
He likes to fly over the sky and over the ground
and all over the world.
It's so many butterflies all over the world.

he likes flying over the water,
sometimes he floated into the water.
He loves water so much.
He likes to fly up,up,up
into the sky.
And deep, deep, deep blue sky.

And the clouds are so thick,
and soft, and curly,
and one like a feather.
To sit in the clouds
is like a blanket and a bright sunlighting,
blinding and glowing bright sun.

My Imagination
My imagination is so many things.
Goes around,
on and on, is like a spinning-wheel.
It goes siggidi-sagg.
Or opposite with those different colors.
Inside a spinning-wheel.
If you see a spinning-wheel,
something to do with the handicrafts
with different colors of the wool.
This is like a pattern,
like weaving pattern.
Little bit of white.
It blends together at once.
Sometimes to write inside the patterns.
Those circles is like something of a
It goes around with a weaving-loom.
It goes, it goes on and on, wide on.
And those middle, triangle and shade
in the middle.
It blends altogether at once.
With the different techniques.
Inside of those middle with the black line.
It goes light thread.
It goes around so fast altogether at once.
With those light thread.

Happy Face
Happy face, always so happy.
Like you, cheerful and gay and bright eyes.
To see what is going on.
Lots of make-up in their faces.
This is a reason why I am cheerful and
happy and gay,
or sometimes half, I am o.k.
another half, I am not o.k.
I am same way.

I like to do something in my life so badly.
Who needs me?
I am smiling,
with my family and lots of friends.
Who needs someone?
So badly, needs someone, so much.

Like your house,
and Madame Vermette and Louise Annett
and the secretary
and everybody
and everyone.
These are my friends.
Including Peter-Hall-School.
I used to go to this school.
I used to.
I am loves travelling so much with my family.
Depends on my father.

I go to boarding school in my life.
It's too much for me.
So I decided to stay with my parents.
My parents understand me very well.
Who needs me?

So badly, the boarding school.
And travelling so much.
Including Peter-Hall-School,
and different places I have been.
And also workshop,
so many things.
And I am, you call it involved,
I am involved with so many things.
I know what I feel about it.
And I know what I am doing in my life.
And good fortune.
I hope my wish come true in my dreams.
I had so many things.
Involved so many things.
This is your life.
No wonder.

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