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In-Definite Arts

After Jane's death in January 2000, her mother searched for a method that would:

  • Provide a permanent repository for Jane's works,
  • Make her work available for study by artists and those interested in people with Down syndrome,
  • Encourage people with Down syndrome to become involved in the arts

After considering several possibilities, Mrs. Cameron's vision was presented to the Board of Directors of the In-Definite Arts Society (IDAS). It was agreed that the archives would become a part of IDAS. Jane had been a valued Artist at In-Definite Arts for many years. Since 1975, IDAS has provided instruction in the arts for artists with disabilities. There are many advantages to this arrangement. The Jane Cameron Archives has a permanent home at a reasonable cost and the not-for-profit status of IDAS had long been established. IDAS has a showcase for the works of a gifted artist who happened to have a disability.

The Jane Cameron Archives Committee

The committee, an arm of the IDAS Board of Directors, consists of:

James Cameron (Jane's Brother)
Jeff de Boer (Professional Artist and IDAS Director)
Lin Hermanson (World Traveler and Member at Large)
Gerry Kisel (Instructor, Alberta College of Art and Design)
Fern Langemann (Retired Educator, Professional Artist)
Audrey Mabee (Professional Artist and Member at Large)
Darlene Murphy (Executive Director, In-Definite Arts)
Carol Petersen (Photographer and Member at Large)
Vida Voroninkaitis (Financial Consultant and Member at Large)

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